EASA ISO 9001 TN Electrical Installation Association

Coil making Facilities

Multi-turn Diamond Type Pulled Stator Coils for Generator and Motors.
Maximum Pin to Pin Length - 3300 mm.
Maximum Coil Cross-Section - 90 mm X 25 mm.
Maximum Coil Spread - 1000 mm.
Maximum moulded length in the straight portion - 3000 mm.

Single-turn Roebel Stator Bars for Hydro and Thermal Generators.
Maximum Coil Cross-Section - 30 mm X 100 mm.
Maximum moulded length in straight portion - 7000 mm.

Semi Automatic Hydraulic Coil Spreading Machine
Automatic Stator Coil Taping Machine.
Maximum straight portion of coil that can be taped on the machine - 7000 mm.>

Field Coils for Hydro Generators and Synchronous Motors.
Maximum Size of Coil - 1200 mm Width X 500 mm Height X 4000 mm Length
Maximum Pressure of the Press - 1000 tons.
Maximum Conductor Size - 100 mm X 12 mm.

Hot Air Oven with temperature control.
Size of Oven - 1500 mm Width X 1500 mm Height X 6000 mm Length.
Maximum Temperature - 300 deg C.
Heater Capacity - 30 KW.
Automatic Coil Taping Machine