EASA ISO 9001 TN Electrical Installation Association

List of High Voltage Motors Serviced

List of HT Motors Repaired

Voltage Capacity Speed Quantity
3.3KV 125 - 2000 KW 375 - 3000 RPM > 300 Nos.
6.6 KV 110 - 4000 KW 333 - 3000 RPM > 400 Nos.
11 KV 1000 - 9600 KW 1000 - 1500 RPM > 50 Nos.

Country Makes of Motors
Belgium ACEC
Czechoslovakia Mez Brno, Skoda, CKD Praha
England English Electric, Parsons, BTH, Metropolitan Vickers, AEI, Brush
France Alsthom, Jeumont Schneider
Germany AEG, Siemens, EMF Dort, FLS
India BHEL, Crompton Greaves, Kirloskar, Jyoti, GEC, NGEF, Siemens
Italy Ansaldo
Japan Hitachi, Toshiba, Fuji
Russia Electrosila, Novaya Sila, ELSIB
Sweden Asea
Switzerland Brown Boveri
USA Fairbankmorse, Ideal Electric, Reliance Electric, General Electric, Westinghouse

Part Nature of Repair Works Done
Stator Rewinding, Reinsulation, Core Restacking, Uprating, Redesigning for Speed conversion.
Rotor Rewinding, Rebarring, Reshafting, Uprating, Core Restacking, Conversion of Aluminium Die Cast Rotor Bars to Copper Bars, Dynamic Balancing.
Bearings White metal lining and machining, Providing new bearing houses.
Sliprings Modification of Sliprings, Providing New Sliprings
End Shields Repairs, Sleeving, Providing New End Shields.
Fans Modification of Fans & Providing new Fans.
Motor Assembling and Test running the Motor on No Load, Vibration Analysis.
Coolers New Coolers, Conversion of Open type cooled Motors to Closed type cooled Motors.